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The following is a message from Jane Keeler, the Brierpatch Cats webmaster,
and the daughter of the owner of Brierpatch Cats:

As stated above, Brierpatch Cats is currently full and cannot accept any more animals. Period. Brierpatch Cats is owned and operated SOLELY by my mother, a RETIRED woman in her SEVENTIES who spends most of her Social Security money on pet food and vet bills. My mother is SINGLE. She is a retired TEACHER; she is NOT a wealthy person. In addition to the large sums that she spends on pet food every month, as well as on monthly flea/tick/worm/heartworm meds, Brierpatch Cats has several animals which require additional medication on a regular basis (something which is both expensive and time-consuming). My mother has her hands more than full. She cannot take any more animals.

For nearly a year now, this website has had the banner at the top of this page which reads “We are currently FULL and CANNOT accept any more animals at this time.” However, during this year, my mom has been contacted by person after person wanting her to take their dog/cat/puppy/kitten. Most of these people simply didn’t want to keep their animal, to take responsibility for their own pets. My mom has had animals dumped near her house, as well as out at her land. My mom cannot take the cat whose surgery you don't want to pay for, the dog your new boyfriend is allergic to, the puppies with mange, or the kittens from the cat you neglected to get spayed.

Take some responsibility! Pets are yours for life, in sickness and in health. My mother has roughly thirty-five animals that she has taken responsibility for. She cannot take responsibility for your animals as well.

BRIERPATCH CATS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY MORE ANIMALS. My mom will continue to provide excellent care for her existing cats, dogs, and horses, but she will not take responsibility for yours. Since so many of you have not respected the notice at the top of this site, I am removing my mother’s contact information from this page.


Website designed and maintained by Jane Keeler.


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